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The field of marketing encompasses all communications that reach out to the customer from a business perspective. TV commercials, newspaper and magazine ads, radio spots, press releases, skywriting, smoke signals–if a company is using it to send a message to the world at large or any part of it, it’s marketing. Because marketing is so critical to reaching consumers, it ... Read More »

big brother

To literary types, the term "Big Brother" instantly evokes George Orwell's novel 1984 and its vision of a totalitarian regime that is always observing its citizenry. Big Brother is the figure that is constantly watching and ready to reprimand the populace for disobeying the rules.  For fans of reality television, Big Brother has come to represent a worldwide phenomenon, a ... Read More »


Capitalizing on the growing viral marketing phenomenon to create a sense of mystery and intrigue almost more compelling than the film itself, Cloverfield is a modern age take on the classic "man in rubber suit" monster movie. Taking cues from inspirations as diverse as Godzilla and The Blair Witch Project, it depicts an attack on Manhattan by a giant creature ... Read More »