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The Matrix Reloaded

For a movie that I’ve been looking forward to since the closing credits of the original, it was pretty disappointing. If the original had never come out, or if it hadn’t been obvious that there would be a sequel, or even if the sequel had come with a lot less hype it would have been a great movie. As it ... Read More »

Can’t wait for Reloaded

Talking with RoverPundit this evening reminded me how much I want to see the new Matrix. He’s gonna do a big group outing to watch it while I’m in North Kakalaky, so (like I said, I think) I’ll have to see it with my father and sister. Mom’s got no interest in anything Matrix, hell, it was hard watching Titanic ... Read More »

My love for Whiskeytown

Have I told ya’ll how much I love Whiskeytown? I was introduced to them pretty early, by a friend who was a big fan of Uncle Tupelo and gave me their first CD right after their second came out. I wasn’t impressed, I was anti-country at the time. Then I saw them live, at the Sleazefest, and they were awesome. ... Read More »

Dan Simmons’ Hyperion novels

Like I’ve said before, book reviews are tough because by the time I remember to review a book, I’m halfway through the next one. But this time I’m halfway through the fourth in a series, so it’s no big deal. Jim Treacher mentioned Dan Simmons and his Hyperion quartet (it’s really two books split in two each for market purposes) ... Read More »


I saw Identity yesterday. I think Jim and I felt about the same. It was dumb but enjoyable. The fact that every movie has to have some sort of twist to it now is kinda annoying, though. Not that this one has a twist. I would have used Kitty’s Mom’s method, but I can’t stand to sit still for four ... Read More »

X2: X-Men United

Great summer movie. Of course, the trailers were pretty cool, too, since one of them was for The Matrix: Reloaded. If that movie is half as cool as the preview it’s gonna be awesome. Let’s get the most important thing out of the way first: Famke Jansen is hot. She may be the hottest thing in movies today. I’ve probably ... Read More »

A Mighty Wind

What a great movie. First, it features a reunion of Spinal Tap, but as a folk group called The Folksmen. They’re actually pretty good. I love the one about the “chicken on the table, but you gotta say grace”. Second, it’s a reunion of all the major actors from Waiting for Guffman and Best in Show. I’ve yet to see ... Read More »

I love this movie

Amelie may be the best movie I’ve ever seen. When you tell people your favorite movie is French, they think you’re a snob, or gay. When you tell them it’s a romantic comedy, they just think you’re gay. But, really, it may just be. The movie is magic. For once, I agree with ZombyBoy about a film. Dude, this guy ... Read More »

About a Boy

Wow, that Hugh Grant! I gotta say, he’s better when he’s at least slightly caddish (is that a word?). I actually really like Hugh Grant, ever since Four Weddings and a Funeral, otherwise known as The Movie that Andie McDowell Tried Very Hard to But was Unable to Ruin Even Though She was Incredibly Horrible. Good lord, I liked Notting ... Read More »

That was a freaky movie

Hey, I just watched The Ring on pay-per-view, and I don’t own a VCR, so I can’t make a copy, so welcome to the last seven days of TBOTCOTW! (First line whited out cause I realized it contains a big spoiler! Sorry!) The movie caught my eye mainly because I saw it had Naomi Watts in it, and I dig ... Read More »