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The Insider

Yea, I know. I can’t believe I didn’t see The Insider until now, either. The only excuse I have it an extreme aversion to Al Pacino in his screaming mode. Luckily, this was a fairly scream free Pacino movie. Plus, I love Russell Crowe. I’ve found the only wrong move made by Tilda Swinton in The Deep End, and it ... Read More »

The Deep End

The movies from NetFlix just keep on coming. The Deep End helped to keep me entertained today. It wasn’t as dark as I thought it would be. I’d misinterpreted how the lover died from the previews. Then after about twenty minutes of the movie I couldn’t figure out where they’d go with it, but then Goran Visnjic showed up and ... Read More »

Arturo Gatti vs. Mickey Ward III

Just watched another amazing battle between this two white boys on HBO. They’ve now had three bruising fights, and this one was nearly equal to the first bout and quite a bit better than the second. That first one, though, was one for the ages. These guys are both just incredibly tough. Gatti broke his right hand in each of ... Read More »

A Winter Haunting

Ok, so I read a selection of Dan Simmons work because Treacher recommended it. Oooh, I don’t remember, does he want the www there or not? Let me know. So now I read A Winter Haunting by the same author. Good book. It had me so creeped out I had to start on my Elmore Leonard book one night when ... Read More »

Orson Scott Card’s Enchantment

I’m nearing completion in my quest to read everything Orson Scott Card ever wrote. Yes, that includes the incredibly long collection of short stories, which I read at some point in high school. It includes the complete Alvin Maker series, and also the Harmony/Earth-Here-I-Come! series or whatever it was called. Those really weren’t very good, but Enchantment is quite a ... Read More »

Six Feet Under finale

I wasn’t going to post this tonight, cause I’m kinda tired after spending the day recovering from Traylor’s amazing day of drunkenness. That was a blast, the food was good, the company was better, had a great time. So, anyway, the third (or is this only the second?) season of 6FU is over. Nothing really shocking in the last ep, ... Read More »

Currently watching The Amazing Race

Just started watching the first episode of this year’s Amazing Race. I watched the last episode at my friend Sheri and Robert’s house, and it was pretty goddamn entertaining. I think it’s funny, though, that they have a couple that has been dating twelve years and are virgins. I especially love that every time that team is shown the subtitle ... Read More »

“Seven Nation Army” video

Anyone else think this video sucks pretty hard? Don’t get me wrong, the song is awesome. But the video reeks. It’s basically one long zoom on a bunch of alternating red, white, and black triangles with shots of the Meg and Jack projected on them. Really, what was so wrong with the basic concert video? This shit nearly gave me ... Read More »

Martha Stewart, Inc.

Ya’ll expecting to find some Matrix shit here? Scroll down, I’ve got a review among the many others. Hey, the Rabbit recommended the first twenty minutes, so I fucking watched the first twenty minutes. You got a problem with that? Oh, you do? You think I’m gay? Well, I’m straight, but I’m not narrow! Hee. Well, the start of the ... Read More »

Antiques Roadshow

Have I told ya’ll how much I love this show? Ding, ding, ding… I have told you (well, I’ve told the TBOTCOTW readers, not those reading BlogCritics. But it was a long time ago). Anyway, I really like the PBS (and Bravo and BBS America) version of reality television. It’s got all the elements necessary. Suspense: will the piece be ... Read More »