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Dirty Pretty Things

I was curious going in about what the title of this movie means, and they explained it quickly. The protagonist works in a hotel (as well as driving cabs) in London, and his boss explains that the customers spend the night making things dirty, and it’s their job to make things pretty again in the morning. This is proven early ... Read More »


I’m always on the lookout for movies that are as good as or better than the book they are based on. It doesn’t happen often, the only one I can think of offhand is L.A. Confidential. That novel was confusing, too long, and had a secondary plot that was unnecessary. This movie was not nearly as good as the book. ... Read More »


I forgot to take the book I was reading to the airport on Friday, so I picked up the only book that looked interesting, Moneyball. And it was very interesting, even to me, a guy who doesn’t like baseball (I like going to games, but that’s a social event with easy availability to snacks and beer) or the business pages ... Read More »

Pirates of the Caribbean

Cool movie. I wasn’t expecting that. Most pirate movies blow (Slate ran a neat piece on that phenomenon last week). And how does a movie based on a fucking animatronic Disney ride have any right to not suck? But it didn’t suck, mostly because of the performances. Geoffrey Rush, that scene chewing over-actor, is perfectly cast as a scene chewing, ... Read More »

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

I read this a while ago, but, like most books, I forgot to write about it. So here goes, a day late and a dollar short. This wasn’t nearly as good as the Potter books that preceded it, but it did contain some interesting elements. First, Harry starts to really come to terms with his own power and sense of ... Read More »

T3: Rise of the Machines

Is that really the title? Or is it actually Terminator 3: blah blah blah? It’s strange when a franchise can dispense with it’s previous title, director, and female lead and still be this good. That’s right, it’s good. Don’t believe the shit you read about this one. No, it ain’t deep, and no one’s gonna win an Oscar. But for ... Read More »


Not as good as some think, not as bad as others say. Rating it among the super-hero movies of late: worse than either X-Men (a lot worse than the second), much worse than Spider-Man (possibly only because the “learning about my super-powers” section was much better in that movie), much better than Daredevil (I didn’t see it, but it’s gotta ... Read More »

Finding Nemo

Ok, let’s get this over with and rate this against the current pantheon of CGI animated films. It’s certainly no Toy Story, but it’s about on par with Shrek, Monster’s Inc., and a little better than Ice Age. In case you’re wondering, that puts it ahead of Toy Story 2. I just don’t like sequels. This was a really cute ... Read More »


I can’t believe that I watched a Matthew McConaughey movie on purpose. I really can’t believe that Matthew McConaughey was in a serial killer movie (ok, I’d believe it if you told me he’d been in one early in his career. I’m pretty sure he was in a Texas Chainsaw Massacre sequel at some point). But above that, I’m shocked, ... Read More »

The Italian Job

This was a really fun movie. I liked all the actors (even Charlize Theron, who’s always been underwhelming before. Except those pics in Playboy. Yowza!), especially Seth Green and the British guy. The action scenes were compelling, and the plot was engrossing. One action scene really stood out. The red, white, and blue souped-up Minis were really fun. The chase ... Read More »