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I just picked up the new Neal Stephenson. It’s somewhat a prequel to Cryptonomicon and the first in a series of three books called the Baroque Cycle that will be released over the next six months. It’s got something to do with Isaac Newton and the ancestors of the characters from Cryptonomicon. No wonder it took Neal so long to ... Read More »

Emmy blow-by-blow

Sorry I got started late, I was watching football and lost track of time. 8:50 pm – Funny acceptance speech by William H. Macy and his writing partner. Macy thanks someone, and his buddy rings a bell, then Macy clarifies or takes back the thank you. “Thank you to TNT. [ding] Oh, yea, they passed on it.” 8:56 pm – ... Read More »

Matchstick Men

I’ve been trying to write a review of this movie since Friday, and I’m still not sure I’m gonna get it right. I don’t want to say too much, it would be terrible to give anything away, but this was a very plot driven movie. Nicolas Cage plays a con man (“con artist“, in his words), or a matchstick man. ... Read More »


I wasn’t expecting much out of this movie except Kate Beckinsale in a fight suit (fuck, trust me, that’s enough). C’mon, it’s a movie about a centuries old war between vampires and werewolves, it’s not going to be Casablanca. But it could have mined a rich vein of emotion if it had only tried. Beckinsale plays Celine, a vampire “death ... Read More »

Chief Moose has a book

Great, Chief Moose, the dude in charge of the Washington sniper case, has a memoir about it coming out. Did anyone else think that this guy was a bit of a blowhard during the investigation, and that he mishandled parts of it? All that concentrating on the white van/panel truck when the perpetrators’ car went through numerous police checkpoints. And ... Read More »

Once Upon a Time in Mexico

I went into this movie with high hopes. Sure, it’s gotten decidedly mixed reviews, but lots of great movies do. Johnny Depp really raised the bar earlier this summer with his amazing performance in The Pirates of the Caribbean, and Antonio Banderas is always a crack action film star, and Salma Hayek, well, Salma Hayek is proof of a benevolent ... Read More »

Is cable history?

Is cable history? You’d think so. I love my satellite dish. I’ve been a subscriber to both Dish and DirecTV, and both had a picture much superior to that of cable, both have kept prices down, both have jumped on HDTV quicker than Comcast, and DirecTV has NFL Sunday Ticket. But I wouldn’t count cable out yet. One thing that ... Read More »

A critic that hates …Mexico

Man, this guy doesn’t like Once Upon a Time in Mexico at all. I’m going to see this movie tomorrow, and I’ve got high hopes, but I’m also worried. Everyone knows that the third movie of a trilogy usually sucks (The Godfather, Star Wars, Hannibal, which I’m counting as the third because of Manhunter, and Alien3. Exceptions include Army of ... Read More »

RIAA sued for agreeing not to sue

Well, not quite. As outlined in this Slate article, just because you sign on to the RIAA’s amnesty program, you aren’t necessarily protecting yourself from litigation, and may very well be setting yourself up for it. Basically, the RIAA says they won’t release their amnesty list unless they are required by law to do so. In other words, a label ... Read More »