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Board Game Review: Jishaku – “The Game of Magnetic Action”

Will the Force Be With You? Read More »

DVD Review: Lovedolls Superstar: Fully Realized

A tongue-in-cheek stab at the establishment, rock stars, slimy record label types, religious cults, pimps, and 70s cinema. Read More »

CD Review: Stephen Fretwell – Magpie

Fretwell’s laid-back, folk-acoustic musical style is reminiscent of musicians like Bob Dylan. Read More »

CD/DVD Review: Blondie – Greatest Hits – Sound & Vision

Rare tracks and video highlight this collection of classic Blondie. Read More »

DVD Review: Prime

Prime is a breath of fresh air among the recent multitude of mindless, vapid, romantic comedies. Read More »

DVD Review: I’ll Bury You Tomorrow

The Beech Funeral Home is the setting for a carnival of weirdness. Read More »

Pleo: The New Robotic “Designer Life Form”

An animatron designed to create an emotional bond with its owner. Read More »

CD Review: Pilotdrift – Water Sphere

This mind-stretching, musical odyssey runs the gamut of musical styles from cool, rhythmically-driven, Indie Pop to scary, Fellini-esque, Cabaret tunes. Read More »

CD Single Review: The Voom Blooms – “Politics & Cigarettes”

The Voom Blooms are a four-piece band that creates masterful tunes with Rock and Roll bravado that belie their experience. Read More »

Book Review: Learn to Program by Chris Pine

This book is a concise introduction to the world of programming using an interpreted scripting language called Ruby. Read More »