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CD Review: Death Cab for Cutie–Plans

It’s never easy to watch a child graduate from high school and head off to the great wide open of college, or to see a friend take that $200,000 a year job on Wall Street when all you wanted them to do was keep coming over your house to drink beer and play Playstation. I get the feeling that’s how ... Read More »

Depeche Mode Returns With Single, Album and Tour

A funny thing happened in the 4 years since Depeche Mode last released a long player: the musical genre they helped to popularize in the 80’s has made quite a comeback. Music fans are clamoring for the 80’s, and bands like Kaiser Chiefs, The Bravery, The Killers and Franz Ferdinand, to name a few, have led a musical revival of ... Read More »

Live: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah at The Khyber in Philly 09/11/05

After catching indie darlings Clap Your Hands Say Yeah in August the First Unitarian Church, I was definitely looking forward to seeing them at a more suitable venue, preferably as a headlining act where they could stretch out and play a proper set. What I wasn’t expecting was that the show I hoped for would be scheduled on the same ... Read More »

Live: Bloc Party at The Electric Factory in Philly 09/10/05

I got down to the Electric Factory in Philly on Saturday night to see Bloc Party. The Kills opened for them. One of my friends took us to her favorite spot at the Factory, a balcony view looking over the stage; perhaps even a little behind the band. It was a cool vantage point. The Kills opened for Bloc Party. ... Read More »

Electronics Review: Contour Design’s Showcase for iPod

Contour Design’s new line of iPod cases are touted as a “perfect lightweight, hard-carrying case”. Promises include a stylish case that is durable and stable, providing maximum protection. So, does it live up to the billing? The Look The Showcase is built to snugly house the iPod inside its hard plastic construction. Since the 4G iPods vary slightly in size ... Read More »

Concert Review: Alec Ounsworth – Live at The Northstar Bar in Philly

note to readers: I am officially on a mad Clap Your Hands Say Yeah kick right now. Between seeing the band on Wednesday night and finding out that their lead singer is from Philly (and still lives here), I am practically listening to their album on a loop. I’ll do my very best not to turn the Rant into a ... Read More »

Live in Philly: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah/Magnolia Electric Company

There’s hot, and then there’s “450 sweaty teenagers and aging hipsters crowded into a church basement with broken fans” hot. That was the kind of hot that greeted Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Grand Buffet and The Magnolia Electric Company on Wednesday night at The First Unitarian Church in Philly. Usually when the opening act goes on stage, the place ... Read More »