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DVD Review: Nip/Tuck – Season Five, Part One

Stalking, car-jacking, blackmailing and sex. Threesomes, twosomes, and freaky age differences. Incest, poisonings...yes, it sounds like a season of Nip/Tuck. Read More »

TV Recap: 24 Day Seven, Hours 3 and 4 – A Homegrown CTU?

Jack utters “deep sky” into a phone – and is connected with Bill! I didn’t realize I was holding my breath until I heard Bill’s voice. Read More »

TV Recap: 24 Day Seven, Hours 1 and 2 – Welcome Back, Jack!

“Is this how it starts?... if I say something you don’t like you slam me against the wall?” (FBI head Larry Moss to Jack Bauer) Read More »

Book Review: 24 – The Official CTU Operations Manual by Denise Kiernan and Joseph D’Agnese

Contains the sections one might expect to find: Interrogation, Surveillance, Combat. Read More »

Book Review: Why the Long Face – a Collection of Stories by Ron MacLean

The common thread in each story is the reality of human action and emotion. Read More »

Book Review: How Wikipedia Works – And How You Can Be Part a of It by Phoebe Ayers, Charles Matthews, and Ben Yates

The site and this book have more to offer than I realized. Read More »

24 Redeems Itself With Redemption Prequel

Jack Bauer has always been the go-to-guy for making things happen in the name of patriotism. Read More »

Joe Finder

Joe Finder is an American novelist who has enjoyed critical and commercial success in both fiction and non-fiction. Born in Chicago in 1958, Finder and his family spent time in Afghanistan and the Philippines while he a young child. Eventually they moved to the United States, first to Bellingham, Washington, and then Albany, New York. After high school in Albany, ... Read More »

Jack Bauer

Jack Bauer is a fictional protagonist from the thriller series 24 and is played by American film and television actor Kiefer Sutherland. As crack field agent for the Los Angeles branch of CTU (Counter Terrorism Unit, a fictional U.S. Government organization that falls under the direction of Homeland Security), Jack Bauer suffers all manner of physical and emotional distress in ... Read More »


Cheerleaders are young men and women at the high school or collegiate level, who perform synchronized, athletic moves during sporting events, primarily football and basketball. Most cheerleaders have tumbling and/or gymnastic skills. Their duty is to entertain the spectators and motivate the home team towards victory. The first American cheerleader was a student at the University of Minnesota named Johnny ... Read More »