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Playboy Logo in the Wrong Places

A story from The Guardian focuses on marketing an adult brand to children. The brand is the Playboy Logo, the famous bunny ears that have been around as long as, well -- Heff -- just about. Read More »

Hot Psychology Magazine

Hot Psychology is a relatively new venture that I have personally been a part of since February 2005. Read More »

The Phantom Waterfall: Giant Falls Discovered in CA National Park

Imagine a Northern California wilderness that spans 43, 000 acres. Now imagine a giant waterfall that hurtles down three tiers worth of that same virtually unspoiled wilderness into a creek. Sounds nice, huh? Sounds like a place that folks would be lining up to go visit Read More »

The Last Ten Years of Growth on the ‘Net

Ten years ago this week, Netscape made their IPO, and what a ride it’s been ever since. Read More »

My Summer of Love

Friday, June 17th, is the U.S. opening of My Summer of Love, an "L" story filmed in the English Countryside during a 2003 heat wave. Read More »

The Rice Man Cometh (Still!)

Jerry Rice had signed on with the Denver Broncos...And like the rest of America I found myself to be an ageist, at least temporarily. "Isn't he like...old.?" Read More »

And a Writer Shall Lead Them…

Is it the essence of art itself to get lost in a project, and let the work be the guide? Read More »

Meet Mary Kay

I’m just an ordinary person, a writer, a mom, a wife – a student of life. I was in a Sears fashion show when I was a child, and I did have a piece of artwork chosen to “Go to New York” in elementary school. (I’m still trying to figure out what exactly that meant – I’m hoping it’s not a version of ‘Old Yeller went to live on a farm’) but I remain a non-Diva. Read More »