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TV Review: 24 Season Six, Hour 13 – Martha the Knife

“Hey, who left this shark lying around?" No one answers, so Martha neatly jumps over it, and continues to the kitchen. Read More »

TV Review: Kings of South Beach

Every night is a party at their wildly popular club, Liquid, peopled with club kids, drug kids, and Miami glitterati. Read More »

TV Review: 24 Season Six, Hour 12: The Jack Bauer School of International Diplomacy

Subarov fondly remembers the joyride that he, Anya and Martha took, but he’s not happy about Jack going nuts at the Consulate. Read More »

TV Review: 24 Season Six, Hour 11 – The Nominees Are…

Jack isn’t happy but realizes its An Inconvenient Truth that they’ll need to trust Logan. Read More »

Goodbye D.J.: Celtic guard Dennis Johnson Dead, 52

there was this extraordinary group of players, way back then, who worked parquet chemistry that has rarely been replicated since Read More »

TV Review: 24 Season Six, Hour 10 – “Hello, my name is Jack, and I’m a CTU Agent”

Jack utters quite the incongruous combination of words. “Dad” and “I’m unarmed.” Read More »

Chocolate! Part One

As a child, I scarfed up the typical treats like 3 Musketeers, Hershey Bars, and of course every kid’s favorite, M&Ms Read More »

24 Season Six, Hours Eight and Nine: Just Call me Susan

Jack disarms the bomb. I change my underwear Read More »

TV Review: 24 Season Six – Hour Seven: “No Way Out”

Burke injects some lovely hyocine-pentothal. This makes Graham get all sweaty, which in my book, is pretty bad. Read More »

TV Review: 24 Hour Six – Monkeyshines

Security was "porous." Porous? These euphemisms keep getting better and better. Read More »