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Online Writers’ Groups Suck!

Therefore I’ve decided to contribute to the malodorous morass of Internet scribbler cliques by starting Blunt Sword, a Web redoubt for the discussion of writing, books and language-loving word fetishes in general. All are welcome to register and join in the discussion, though I expect you’ll get more out of it if you in some way play with words for ... Read More »

Tuesday’s New and Nifty

A day late, and with a pinch of salt as to each his own. In music, released yesterday, R.E.M., The Best of R.E.M. In Time 1988-2003, on sale this week at Target for $16 (the two-disc limited edition). Buy early and buy often. Not all that new, Isobel Campbell’s Amorino. iTunes Music Store pick of the week, Jesus Christ Superstar, ... Read More »

Sanford May Treated For Exhaustion

Because Mr. May is an occasional contributor to this site, I’ve been asked as a courtesy to post this information here. As many of you are by now aware, celebrated author and literary critic Sanford May was recently the victim of a brutal attack in the very streets he calls home. Apparently, no headway has been made in the crime’s ... Read More »

Girls on film.

Apple has included in their new Panther software a feature called Expos&egrave. This item is alone worth the entire $130 price to upgrade. The elegant technology defies description, allowing you access to all the disparate information strewn across your Mac with unparalleled ease, efficiency and style. The only picture I can draw for you is the scene from the film ... Read More »


You’d think Microsoft would have put some more thought into just how much the average reclusive gamer wants to chat with some transient competitor halfway across the country; yet they included a headset/microphone device with their Xbox Live service starter kit. Yes, I know; you can turn the voice feature off: but it’s there and I feel somehow discourteous if ... Read More »

Turn And Face The Change

Many of you Blogcritics and perhaps a few regular readers know me as The Guy Who Got Mugged. And Beaten. Some of you may refer to me as The Guy Who Deserved To Get Mugged. And Should Have Been Killed But We’ll Settle For Beaten. But I digress. I’m also the guy with a 12-month EMusic.com subscription plan who got ... Read More »