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The No Sense Zone No. 1

“Bush wants universal, affordable broadband access for all.” The back-story: necessitated by people in poor health who will be able to — really, really fast — read up on their diseases and perhaps treat themselves, or calculate their greatly reduced life expectancy, as Bush doesn’t care about universal, affordable healthcare. This is opposed to universal, affordable narrowband access with which ... Read More »

For $500 You Can F-Off!

I subscribe to the conservative — fair enough, I think — Christian American Family Association’s (AFA) Action Alert e-mail list. Don’t ask me why. If you subscribe to Harper’s but still watch the No Spin Zone once in a while; or, conversely, you’re a Liberatarian who bought and read every word of the Clinton-era national healthcare proposal, you’ll understand. It’s ... Read More »

Yule Rhymes With Fool

I’m not a Christian. You would perhaps find it odd then that the facets I’ve most enjoyed of the occasional Christmases past are Anglican midnight Masses. Even secularly, they are gorgeous spectacles. But I’m not a Christian. Not in the way most practicing — even merely believing — Christians would allow me; most would call me heathen, a few would ... Read More »

Urgent Correction to the Morning Edition

Pentagon officials initially declaring that deposed Iraqi president Saddam Hussein has been captured are now indicating that what they first thought was the former Iraqi leader is in reality a Gulfstream V misidentified by an RAF pilot. Seriously, have you seen the pictures? Now, we all thought he dyed his hair that youthful dark black. Looks like he doesn’t dye ... Read More »


The United States Secret Service is investigating hip-hop musician Eminem for alleged death threats against the president within — what shall we call them? — draft lyrics. That right there should be enough. I should need go no further. You’ll understand, not Secret Squirrel — as undoubtedly many enlightened Americans are hoping I was remarking upon — but the guys ... Read More »

Eisley – Laughing City

Tyler, Texas, is no place to hang out if you’re looking to make the great on the dream-pop circuit. No doubt why this young all-in-the-family outfit — their bassist is however recruited from beyond the bloodline — has lately foregone home territory for North American tours, fronting the likes of alt-rock deities Coldplay. I first ran across Eisley when they ... Read More »

Video Games Have No Place in Intelligent Society

Video games are yet another timesink marketed to indulge the vastly ignorant masses who can't be bothered to pick up a book or engage in more enlightened, disciplined and appropriate forms of recreation. Yes, I'm proposing that you who play video games are of lesser intellect, humbler knowledge and stunted ambition. Read More »

Chat Panthers

Apple’s new Panther operating system is out and it includes iChat AV. Apparently, a fair portion of our Blogcritics use Macs, and some fair number of those have upgraded to Panther. I’d like to see if there’s any interest in forming a private Blogcritics iChat AV directory — for those of us with either an iSight or strictly voice chat ... Read More »

Global Village With A Rocket Launcher

Perhaps the most interesting thing about insomnia — and switching my work schedule around to accommodate nocturnal habits — is that at the end of my work day — as most everyone else in my time zone is waking, I’m settling in to relax and play a few games on Xbox Live. Lately I’ve been playing Crimson Skies, not with ... Read More »

Love You ‘Til Tuesday*

The Tuesday media recap. And on time this weekend, before most of you layabouts have bothered to crawl from beneath the feathery bliss of your Calvin Klein duvets (I wrote “duvet” instead of “comforter”; that makes me a “metrosexual”; time left before that moniker thankfully expires: 26 hours, 17 minutes). First, video games, because as the holiday overindulgence season approaches, ... Read More »