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Retired crisis & risk manager/communications expert; extensive public relations experience in most areas over 30 years. Still available for extraordinary opportunities of mind-numbing complexity. Life-long liberal agnostic...or is that agnostic liberal.

Satire: Political Morality – When Simple Just Won’t Do

Compromise and conciliation are the rule in the search for a solution to the medical worker/religious issue issue. Obama Nation! Read More »

What’s Worse Than U.S. Economy? Try the World

Continual carnage around the world, which we can no more comprehend than we can world peace, makes our problems trivial by comparison. Read More »

What? Israelis & Palestinians Are Old News

Israel and the Palestinians once again killing each other? Given the circumstances on the ground, could one expect anything else? Read More »

Take That, Stephen Colbert! Jameson Delivers, Part Two

My pursuit of Stephen Colbert's gift for shameless self promotion continues. There is some success... but the final goal still eludes me. Read More »

Questions for President-Elect Obama This Christmas Day

Have we given up any hope of letting Barak Obama just be a human being who happened to get elected president? Read More »

Supply-Side Economists Use Beer To Stiffle Intelligent Discourse

Conservatives apparently will do anything to preserve the wealth of the wealthy, including drown us in beer blather. Read More »

Take That, Stephen Colbert: Jameson Delivers! Part One

Has my appeal to the Masters of Irish Whiskey been heard? Read More »

Satire: Kiss A Commie For Christ

Pucker up, America. It's time to embrace Christ's true message -- love, don't kill, thy neighbor. Read More »

Satire: The Non-White Man’s Burden – God’s Vengeance

Having failed to destroy humanity with the Tower of Babel, God is now embarked on establishing the Cuisine of Babel which will finish the task. Read More »

Bush And Obama: What Really Happened at the White House

What really happened when President Bush and President-elect Obama met at the White House? Here's the real dope. Read More »