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Review: Jamie Cullum – Catching Tales

Cullum needs to get back to taking more chances with his material and really pushing out those stuffy boundaries of jazz. Read More »

Review: Royksopp – The Understanding

The Understanding is a very impressive effort that leaves you hesistant to leave this plush cosmic universe Royksopp has created. Read More »

Review: Six Feet Under Season 5 Finale

The final episode of Six Feet Under was perhaps the most deeply affecting television show I've ever seen. You could tell this show was interwoven into Alan Ball's heart and his subtle brilliance couldn't be contained. Read More »

Review: Jason Mraz – Mr. A-Z

Maybe he should go back to sitting on the curb, waiting for his rocket to come. Read More »

Review: Queer as Folk Season 5 Finale

In the end, they stayed true to the characters, and the series needed to leave us with that much more than a sappy ending. Read More »

CD Review: Ryan Adams – Cold Roses

This album takes its time in allowing you to warm to it. Each listen brings a new set of revelations and levels of appreciation. Read More »

Concert Review: Muse & Razorlight at the Tabernacle

This was a very high-energy show that was carried on a dynamic crowd and Muse's epic sound. Read More »

Film Review: Fever Pitch

Fever Pitch is a sharp romantic comedy that fits just about anyone's palate. Read More »

CD Review: Morrissey – Live at Earl’s Court

This disc is a tasty appetizer to tide you over until you can dive into the actual experience that is a Morrissey live show. Read More »

Television Review: Grey’s Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy has tremendous potential to become one of the hot new shows this season. Read More »