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Closing the locker door on all her worldly goods except what is in her suitcase, Marilyn and her mate Athan are following their hearts and charting a new course as Life unfolds doing business online while living the life of their dreams. Marilyn Harding is the director of ArtemisAllianceInc.Com: Strategic Alliances in the Business of Arts and Letters, mhArt.Ca: Creating Relationships in Art LightBeam.Org: Conscious Choices for Living Well; ExhilartedLife.Com: Travels with My Heart and Soul and SilverArrowPublishing.Com: Bringing Beautiful Books to Life! a member of The Arts & Letters Club, Toronto, and Women's Art Association, Canada (WAAC). and a contributing author to BlogCritics.Org and RebelleSociety.Com Marilyn Harding is a seasoned and award winning executive marketing strategist and effective communicator with more than twenty years experience. Currently, she writes on holistic business principles and ethics, art, travel and philosophy. A zealous student of life, Marilyn continues to hone her skills in internet marketing and strategic alliances. Devoted to the life path of personal mastery, Marilyn lives in the spirit of holism and conducts her life with the goal to augment vibrant and open hearted access to living a superlative life in creativity, wellness, spirituality, productivity, and accountability as citizens of the world no matter what our role.