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I’m Concerned

Now, I could have simply sat down to my computer keyboard and unleashed my verbal rage at CWFA. But instead of doing that, I turned to Gospel Communications International's online guidance page where I was reminded that even righteous anger... Read More »

The Product of a Deprived Childhood in a Fatherless Home

Margaret Romao Toigo Wednesday, December 29, 2004 Some of the individuals and organizations that support the Federal Marriage Amendment also support a multitude of other causes that are based upon loving and generative principles of helping children and families to have more fulfilling lives. One example is Alliance for Marriage. AFM President, Matt Daniels, is the force behind the FMA, ... Read More »

The Many Sides of the Abortion Issue

Margaret Romao Toigo Saturday, December 18, 2004 And just how can an issue have more than two sides? There are two sides to every issue, it’s like a rule or something, isn’t it? You have your pro-lifers and your pro-choicers and each side’s position is quite clear, thankyouverymuch. Why complicate things? Well, upon closer examination, most issues do have more ... Read More »