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Moral Relativism

It is human nature to believe that one’s own ideas of right and wrong are the absolute standard and that anyone who doesn’t agree is a moral relativist. The very definition of moral relativism — a view in which moral standards are not absolute or universal, instead emerging from varied social customs, laws, religious beliefs, etc — can be interpreted ... Read More »

Female Breasts

Among the many questions to which I have never received a satisfactory answer is why a woman’s chest is considered to be something “dirty” that must be hidden while a man’s chest is not given a second thought — well, at least not in this particular context. Shirtless men appear in G-rated films, while a certain number of frames worth ... Read More »

Orientation, Attraction, Kinks and Fetishes

Do we choose our attractions, orientations, kinks, and fetishes? Or are they all involuntary, waiting to take over our hearts, minds and bodies when those “special somebodies” (or somethings) who suit our inborn requirements enter our lives? In the course of debating same-sex marriage there is this one strange question that keeps coming up: the question of whether homosexuality is ... Read More »

Tales of the Coming Media Powershift

Margaret Romao Toigo There is something in the virtual air and the winds of change seem to be blowing harder out of that growing division of cyberspace known as the blogosphere. I am, of course, referring to the MSM (mainstream media) scandal known as “Easongate” (will that “-gate” suffix ever be excised from the national vocabulary?), which has lead to ... Read More »

The Ceaseless Wonders of the Evolution Debate

After much reading and careful consideration, I find myself on the side of the religious right on one issue, even though I firmly believe that this ambiguous group of fundamentalists, evangelicals and fanatics has, through their political machinations and incessant meddling into numerous other matters of secular public policy, brought the injustice of Selman v. Cobb County School District upon themselves... Read More »

Are We Journalists or Gadflies?

Margaret Romao Toigo In his article in the February 2 edition of The Christian Science Monitor, correspondent Randy Dotinga asks the question, “Are bloggers journalists? Do they deserve press protections?” Well, are we? Do we? Does the First Amendment apply to us bloggers as “the press,” or are we merely citizens exercising our freedom of speech and expression? Are we ... Read More »

Are you a Liberal Authoritarian, a Conservative Authoritarian, a Liberal Libertarian or a Conservative Libertarian?

Margaret Romao Toigo Friday, January 21, 2005 I want to share my Political Compass so that there is no confusion about where I stand (I am not easily classified as generally liberal or conservative) and to encourage others to take the test at politicalcompass.org so that they may learn more about politics and themselves — that is if they answer ... Read More »

Culture Warriors Taken in by Empty Promises — Again

Margaret Romao Toigo Tuesday, January 18, 2004 I never thought I would see the day when I would feel sorry for the likes of Tony Perkins, president of Family Research Council — but that day has arrived (and on the same day when I also find myself defending President Bush’s priorities). Of course, this was to be expected, even with ... Read More »