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The Politics of Autism

The main reason why the politics of autism are so polarized is that nobody knows very much about autism. Read More »

Religious Conservatives Righteously Indignant Over Apparently Gay-Friendly Old Party

GOP has been revealed to be far more "gay-friendly" than religious conservatives have previously been lead to believe. Read More »

300 Million American Souls

Contrary to popular pessimism, America's growth is a Good Thing. Read More »

The Force of The Foley Factor: Polls Show Democratic Candidates Gaining on Republicans

Just four weeks before Election Day, polls show Democratic candidates with huge leads over Republicans. Read More »

Dizzy From The Foleygate Spin: As The World Of Pundits, Partisans, And Paranoids Turns

Die-hard GOP loyalists in spin cycle attempt to fan the stench of "Foleygate" away from the Republican Party. Read More »

The Great Marijuana Debate: Heads vs. Feds

A popular, thought-provoking spectacle that keeps the ever-expanding "pro-legalization" movement at bay. Read More »

Burning The Flag That Symbolizes The Freedom To Burn The Flag

The choice between trampling on the flag or the First Amendment should not be much of a dilemma. Read More »

Senatorial Same-Sex Marriage Dog Act Disappoints Religious Conservatives

What group other than Christian fundamentalists can get the executive and legislative branches of our government to sit up and beg? Read More »

Senate Debate on Same-sex Marriage Poses Risks to GOP

Apparently Mr. Bush and several Congressional Republicans are beginning to take heed of recent threats from the religious right. Read More »

Deconstructing a Defense of Drug Prohibition

The failure of the war on drugs is not a matter of its methodology, but the policy itself. Read More »