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Charlie Crist’s Folly

Why Charlie Crist's decision to run in the general election could well be his last in politics. Read More »

Conservative Democrats Could Derail the Democratic Agenda

Whether or not Obama gets his agenda through depends not on Republicans, but on Democrats. Read More »

We Shouldn’t Vote for Judges

Why the Supreme Court's decision on campaign contributions for judges didn't go far enough. Read More »

Talk of Permanent Majority for Dems is Premature

Why pundits proclaiming a new permanent majority for Democrats are wrong. Read More »

Focus on the Palestinian Question First

Why the Obama administration is correct in trying to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict now. Read More »


Tired of hearing people complain about empathy? Me too. Read More »

Treat Sarah Palin Fairly

How the media treatment of Sarah Palin has been unfair thus far. Read More »

Look to Sarajevo, Not Munich

Foreign policy hawks have the wrong historical paradigm—it’s 1914, not 1938. Read More »

Why I Support Barack Obama

Barack Obama is the man best equipped to lead America going forward in the 21st century. Read More »

To All the Republicans Out There: Chill Out About Giuliani!

Why Rudy Giuliani wouldn’t alter the Republican Party if he were nominated. Read More »