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Should the Pollsters Pick the Candidates? Gary Johnson Excluded from Iowa Debate

Who picks the GOP presidential candidate? Is it Republican voters or the media and their pet pollsters? Read More »

Can a Grassroots Pledge Bring Back Honest Primaries in the GOP?

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A Change in Party is Not a Change in Principle

A turd is still a turd when you take it home no matter how much you tell it that it's a diamond. Read More »

Texas House District 48 Recount Shines Light on Election Problems

Military voters have had their voting rights trampled on yet again. Read More »

Libertarian Party of Texas Campaigns Against Fellow Libertarians

The Libertarian Party in Texas is a sad joke and an obstacle to advancing libertarian ideals in the state. Read More »

Libertarian Party Loses its Principles and Becomes Irrelevant

The Libertarian Party has diluted its message and become irrelevant with bad strategy and bad candidates. Read More »

Libertarians Marching in Lock-Step Down the Rabbit Hole of Irrelevance

The Libertarian Party is doomed by its failed strategies and delusional leadership. Read More »