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The Return of the Hummingbird Wizard

Robert Joseph Ahola’s book The Return of the Hummingbird Wizard is a meditation that disguises itself as a novel–though not very convincingly. In fact, it almost reads like a memoir. For which Ahola could be praised, in that his main character Jonathan Vieren is so complete and complex that he seems to be real. Like Athena, Vieren may have sprung ... Read More »

“American Idol” – Eight Men Standing

The evening started with Simon Cowell being a bit contentious regarding some ex-Idol contestants who had challenged the system by suggesting they were eliminated because they had not received as much air time and attention as some of their rivals. Simon was only just getting up a head of steam before he was cut off so that the eight remaining ... Read More »

American Idol #414 – Ten Men

The guys punched up their game this week, making the final outcome much tougher to call. Overall, song choice was better, vocals were stronger, and the performances were all-around more powerful. The evening began with Mario Vazquez, who continued to showcase an extensive wardrobe of hats. While his song was upbeat and a crowd-pleaser, the lyrics lacked depth, and I ... Read More »

Oscars: A Blow-by-Blow

As transcribed from my notes as I watched: We started out watching E! at 7:00: 7:02: Star Jones Reynolds is talking to Laura Linney. I don’t like Laura Linney. She reminds me of Helen Hunt, who I don’t like either. They’re sort of the same person in my mind. And tonight Laura’s hair is slicked back in a weird way ... Read More »

The Breakfast Club

So I’ve been thinking about cereal. You know, the breakfast kind? Scott got me started on it, actually. I’ve decided Cap’n Crunch is about the only breakfast food mascot I have any real faith in. I don’t trust Snap, Crackle or Pop or those chefs from Cinnamon Toast Crunch; these guys are all in league with the Keebler Elves, I’m ... Read More »

Movie Review: Constantine

When I’d first heard that Keanu Reeves had been cast as comic book hero John Constantine, I laughed. Because I thought it was a joke. You see, anyone who is familiar with the Hellblazer comics knows that KeKe (as I call him) is a long-arm’s throw from the character depicted in the graphic series. KeKe is not blond, he’s not ... Read More »

Song Debut – “Lonely No More” by Rob Thomas

On Tuesday, Feb. 1, the first single from Rob Thomas’ upcoming solo album was released worldwide via AOL. For those who don’t know, Thomas is the lead singer of matchbox twenty. Anyone who doesn’t listen to matchbox twenty might still know Thomas from the ubiquitous “Smooth,” on which Thomas collaborated with Carlos Santana. If you don’t recognize that one, you’ve ... Read More »

No Opportunity Wasted by Phil Keoghan

First thing: the dust cover on this book is truly ugly. It has far too much text on the front, and not even in any good typeface, just big, bold Ariel. It’s also yellow and blue, which I suppose is designed to get attention and “fire” the reader up, but instead is just irritating. But no matter. First order of ... Read More »

Ocean’s Twelve

In 2001, Steve Soderbergh remade Ocean’s Eleven with a stellar cast that brought huge crowds to the theatres. That movie was polished and tight, well-acted and fun. It worked like any classic movie should, an oiled machine in which the gears turned without a hitch. It was clear the actors were enjoying themselves, and that was a bonus, but it ... Read More »

Burrito, Illinois by Jason Tanamor

Right from the start I could tell Burrito, Illinois was going to be a rough read. Tanamor has a tendency to tell as opposed to show. Sample paragraph: Betty signaled her right blinker and drove onto the exit. She had been driving a long time and she was tired. Desperate, starting a new lifestyle was her main agenda. Uh, yeah. ... Read More »