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Author Archives: Michael Toebe on Behavior, Culture & Relationships

Affecting Change in Saudi Law on Child Marriage

Saudi girls have no rights to their minds or bodies if their fathers wish to marry them off for money. Read More »

Rodriguez Takes New Approach to Steroid Allegations

Alex Rodriguez is being chased by reporters again; his own doing as more steroid allegations hit the news. This time around, Rodriguez has decided to take a different approach to responding. Read More »

Broncos Offseason Continues To Be a Storm of Dysfunction

A confusing set of draft day picks was the icing on the cake. Read More »

Cutler Was Traded Because He Failed the Patriot Way

He may have done much to force a trade out of Denver but coach Josh McDaniels mentoring at the feet of Bill Belichick was a factor. Read More »

American Mass Killings Will Continue Without Wholesale Change

These violent acts can be reduced with better observation and the willingness to reach out and act. Read More »

Gift Giving Differs for Men and Women

Understanding how gifts translate to men and women helps us learn about each other, improve our relationships and thus, our quality of life. Read More »

Knocking Down Conflict

A high-powered fix for relationship conflict. Read More »

Behavior, Words, and What It All Means

Understanding behavior can affect your life in a significant manner by taking you to beautiful places, down rocky roads, or into war zones. Read More »