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DVD Review: Live From Bonnaroo 2004

Bonnaroo is one of the few music festivals that dare to represent the multiple facets of music today. After three years, it has already made a mark on the large concert circuit. Designed to be a festival that brings together premier live performances from across traditional genre boundaries, Bonnaroo is aimed deftly at the college music crowd. The artists on ... Read More »

CD Review: Ben Folds’ Songs For Silverman

Ben Folds’ career has been impeccable. Despite achieving major radio airplay with the post-abortion ballad “Brick,” Folds has maintained his cool; staying as appealing to the underground masses as the mall goers. In fact, it might be easy to say that if you really like music, you can’t help but love Ben Folds. After four years, a self-produced full length ... Read More »

CD Review: Esthero’s Wikked Lil’ Grrrls

In 1998 Esthero’s Breath From Another dropped to critical acclaim. Unfortunately, commercial success wasn’t part of that package, and since then, Esthero has become one of the most widely respected and under recognized personas in the industry. Over the last seven years she’s collaborated with the Blue Man Group, Black Eyed Peas, Sugar Ray, and DJ Krush among many others. ... Read More »

Book Review: PC Annoyances, 2nd Edition

Steve Bass has taken common computer irks and compiled them into a how-to guide for the less technophile. PC Annoyances, Second Edition, released by O’Reilly, covers everything from email to iTunes and hardware aggravants. Virtually nothing is left uncovered, and the only thing in question is how deep Bass will go into detail about a problem you may be having. ... Read More »

CD Review: Telepopmusik’s Angel Milk

Telepopmusik first caught America’s attention in 2003 when a Mitsubishi Outlander ad started popping up on television. It featured the band’s single “Breathe” which grew to become an after hours and “chill” mix staple while affording Telepopmusik the exposure they needed to truly break out of overseas obscurity. Telepopmusik’s second album, Angel Milk, plays like a greatest hits collection of ... Read More »

DVD Review: Natalie Merchant Storytellers Unplugged

VH1’s Storytellers (in existence since 1996) has covered a wide gamut of artists, from John Fogerty to The Bee Gees, and even Billy Idol. The show’s formula is simple: Take a musician with a string of hits, have them perform in front of a live audience in a small theatre, reminiscent of MTV’s Unplugged, and have them discuss their songs ... Read More »

CD Review: Shelby Lynne’s Suit Yourself

On 2003’s Identity Crisis, Shelby Lynne crafted an intimate album closer to alt-country than mainstream radio. Because of that release she found critical praise and a fond acceptance from the rock community while taking a small step away from the country scene she’d been immersed in for a decade. With Suit Yourself, out April 26, 2005, Lynne takes a step ... Read More »

CD Review: Faith Evans – The First Lady

Beyonce might be the current first lady of R&B, but Faith Evans proves on her new release that there’s competition for the top spot. First Lady (released March 29th, 2005) is a musical mood ring, encapsulating and displaying the last ten years of her life. It’s not all reflective, however, as there are plenty of party worthy tracks spread between ... Read More »