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CD Review: Soundtrack – The Squid And The Whale

The soundtrack to The Squid and The Whale is similar to what you would find in a Wes Anderson movie, a disk filled with sixties and seventies singer/songwriters, some that defined New York’s music scene of the time, and a strange feeling of nostalgia for a time and scene that you were, most likely, not involved in. The Squid and ... Read More »

CD Review: Greg Dulli’s Amber Headlights

In 2001 things were uncertain for Greg Dulli, former frontman for the quasi-grung rock outfit The Afghan Whigs. He had released one Twilight Singers album, and was working on a solo collection of songs reflecting where he had been, and where he would like to go. Those tracks were shelved after the sudden death of his good friend, filmmaker Ted ... Read More »

Concert Review: Shelby Lynne at Cleveland’s House of Blues

Shelby Lynne provided an intimate and endearing evening of music for those concertgoers willing to brave the late weeknight and high beer prices at Cleveland’s House of Blues. In the country music world it’s difficult to ignore sparkling production values and supermodel singers to find a genuine soul. With Shelby Lynne, an artist that didn’t find her identity until a ... Read More »

CD Review: The Redwalls – De Nova

It’s always refreshing to see a group of shaggy haired youngsters defy expectations. While most musicians their age are turning out emo, punk, or nu-metal, The Redwalls have taken a step back and crafted tunes based on their influences: The Beatles, The Faces, and anything British in the sixties. It’s not that The Redwalls can’t do the emo thing, because ... Read More »

Concert Review: Sleater Kinney @ Cleveland’s Beachland Ballroom

Sleater Kinney brought the rock at their sold out show in Cleveland’s Beachland Ballroom. They did such an excellent job with their frontal assault, in fact, that it almost doesn’t seem necessary to describe the number of songs the girls took on with ferocity over the course of the night. The thunderous grooves emanating from Janet Weiss’ drums. The Grace ... Read More »

Degunking Your Personal Finances

We could all use a bit of leadership on the financial front. Credit cards are rampant&#8212every store offers one these days&#8212and carrying debt is as common as carrying a set of keys. Taking control of your financial life can often seem an impossibility. Fortunately for us, Shannon Plate, the president of Everyday Money, offers us Degunking Your Personal Finances, a ... Read More »