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Blue is a color that, on the visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, has a wavelength of 440-490 nanometers. In the English language, any color from navy blue to cyan is considered to be blue. Traditionally, blue is considered a primary color with orange as a secondary, complementary color. Traditional dyes and pigments include azurite, ultramarine, milori blue, cerulean blue, and ... Read More »


Panko is a light, flaky type of Japanese-style bread crumb. Made from crustless white bread, panko has an airy structure and crispy consistency that lends itself well to deep-frying, breaded crusts, and as a casserole topping. In Japanese cuisine, panko is used as a coating for tonkatsu, a deep-fried pork cutlet adapted from 19th-century Western cuisine. As panko makes its ... Read More »