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The Legacy of Scopes’ Monkey

A person once gave me a view of the Bible and of religion in general that speaks not only to the academic turmoil caused by Creation Science Read More »

How to fix network TV and reign in the FCC’s hounds

Beam them smut, give them Sex for Dummies, and send them forth to preach the sexy, foul-mouthed gospel. [And tell them sex isn't evil] Read More »

Review – Sideways

Near constant and unexpected moments make Sideways a really beautiful film. Read More »

Movie Review: Before Sunset

Before Sunset is best when it foregoes metaphysics for emotion. Read More »

Review – Garden State

. . . the movie unfolded itself with quirky characters and ham-fisted dialogue. Things happened that made me laugh. Things happened that made me groan. Read More »

Movie Review – Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence

It's refreshing to see a beautiful, self-assured movie that's content to do more talking--about Milton for godsake--than shooting. Read More »