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Movie Review: Confusions of an Unmarried Couple

One hell of an enjoyable 73 minutes, and you can't really ask for much more than that. Read More »

Movie Review: Date Number One

The sort of thing you get in student films where the filmmaker recruits actors from the football team. Read More »

Movie Review: Mutual Appreciation

That's the chief problem with Mutual Appreciation - at times it's a lot like being the designated driver. Read More »

Movie Review: Home

Seitz displays a real talent, a grasp of the medium -- clearly a filmmaker to watch. Read More »

Movie Review: Deadly Obsessions

It feels like one of those 80's TV movies they show on Saturday afternoon when there's no college basketball on. Read More »

Movie Review: Crooked Features

A mockumentary look at the efforts of a legendary adult auteur to go legitimate... Read More »

Movie Review: Closely Watched Trains

Every frame is infused with a virginal eroticism that mirrors the preoccupation of the hero. Read More »

Movie Review: A Scanner Darkly

The key is to get used to the animation as quickly as possible. Read More »

Movie Review: Lawrence of Arabia

Content to present us with a Lawrence that is simply flawed for no discernible reason. Read More »

Movie Review: Russian Dolls

Essentially what we’re seeing is a filmmaker maturing before our very eyes. Read More »