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A Film in Two Weeks: Assembling the Team

There's more to assembling a crew at the last minute than buying beer, but it sure helps. Read More »

A FIlm in Two Weeks: The First Thing You Need is a Story

You've got two weeks to shoot and edit a feature-length film, but you've got no story. What to do? Read More »

Two Weeks?

Three filmmakers attempt to make feature-length films in a mere two weeks. Yes, they're insane. Read More »

Movie Review: Short Films by Keith Snyder

We need more filmmakers like Keith Snyder. Read More »

Movie Review: Aesop’s Diner

There isn't anything here that isn't easily fixable with experience. Read More »

Movie Review: Universal Traveler and Dream of Life

Meaney could rather easily become an interesting music video director. Read More »

gravida: The Uber-Indie Project Turns the Camera on Itself

"gravida invites us to ponder the complexity of the choices we make, the unreliability of human connections." Read More »

Movie Review: gods in disguise

It comes off as Custer's vacation video. Read More »

Movie Review: The Short Films of Evan Richards

For the most part Richards gets it, and who's to say those hiccups aren't just budgetary limitations? Read More »

Movie Reviews: The Short Films of David Lowery

Lowery's talent is undeniable, his grasp of the medium innate. He is, beyond question, a filmmaker worth watching. Read More »