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Published Ghost Writer; Freelance Writer

Book Review: ‘Rico: How Politicians, Prosecutors And The Mob Destroyed One Of The FBI’s Finest Special Agents’ by Joe Wolfinger and Chris Kerr with Jerry Seper


Two retired FBI agents attempt to set the record straight on a disgraced agent who went up against the Patriarca mob family. Read More »

Book Review: Killer Dads – by Mary Papenfuss


The author was assigned in 2004 to the Scott Peterson trial when she worked for the New York Daily News. Read More »

Book Review: Jessica Thom’s Welcome To Biscuit Land


Welcome To Biscuit Land: A Year in the Life of Touretteshero (Souvenir Press, 2013) is Jessica Thom’s personal story. Written in a diary style format, the reader becomes a “fly on the wall”, traveling with Jessica through her day, each month out of one year. Living in London, Thom’s entries describe her many interactions with strangers using the public transport ... Read More »

Boston’s Neighborhood House Charter School: One Student Short

Returning to school after the Boston Marathon bombing. Read More »

Book Review: The Messiah Matrix by Kenneth John Atchity

Searching for truth and the origin of Christianity, The Messiah Matrix draws the reader into a world of corruption, murder, romance, and rich history. Read More »

The Return of “Jaws”: Did He Ever Leave?

Shark sightings are on the rise at Cape Cod beaches and one man is attacked. But the great whites never actually left. Read More »

Sudanese Runner Guor Marial, a Champion of Resiliency

No gold medal is needed – he's already the greatest of champions. Read More »

The Key to Happiness: Running with the Bulls

The happiest people live in the present. Read More »

The Colorado Movie Shootings: We’ll Never Understand Why

What goes on inside the mind of a killer? Read More »

How to Connect with Your Teenager

Parenting advice from two professionals – and one movie star. Read More »