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Missing That Certain Something

Unfortunately, there's no convincing a guy there is "something" there if he doesn't feel it on his own. Here's the deal, women, particularly the older they get, tend to be really hopeful that the next guy might be The ONE. Got a good job? Check. Cute enough? Check. Doesn't treat me like crap? Check. If he ticks off enough boxes, and we like kissing him well enough, we thinking to ourselves, "This could be the ONE!" Read More »

Love Biatch: Mad Hots

Dear Biatch, I have the mad hots for a guy I met last week. Am I a ho if I sleep with him? Danielle Danielle, Hooking up with a new guy is AOK as long as you don’t expect anything else from him. I’ve said before to hold off on sex, but that’s only when the guy is someone you ... Read More »