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Loretta Dillon began her writing career publishing a neighborhood newspaper and handwritten and illustrated books as a child in a Cleveland suburb. Her strongest literary influences were MAD magazine and Mark Twain. When introduced to the internet, Dillon created a blog to showcase her satire that evolved into a popular forum on relationships, recovery and true crime stories, specifically spousal murder. Selected entries were published as a book in 2005 that was honored as a finalist for a non-fiction "Blooker" award. Dillon's comedy play, "The Smoking Diary" was produced off-Broadway in 2009.

Lessons of September 11

Four years later, ground zero remains a dusty void, a remnant of lost souls and lofty ambitions. Reconstruction of the site is in some endless stage of limbo, typical of all major municipal projects in Manhattan and other big cities. At first, the entire nation was united in its desire to rebuild the World Trade Center as a defiant monument ... Read More »

Anticipated Genocide

Put your tinfoil hats on for my theory that the hurricane aftermath was a form of genocide. Katrina itself was not a planned event, but the lack of preparation, and the criminally negligent response by federal agencies designed to administer assets and manpower to disaster areas was not merely the result of massive incompetence. Hitler blamed the Jews for all ... Read More »

Book Review: Inside the Mind of Scott Peterson

My patients want no more and no less from me than the customers who buy my books or the defense attorneys who retain me to humanize their clients. They want me to probe deeply enough and listen carefully enough to formulate stories they and others can resonate with, ones that feel authentic. ~ Dr. Keith Ablow In his new release, ... Read More »

First Lie – Say Goodbye!

It seems that almost daily we are reading stories about a missing or murdered woman whose significant other is the prime suspect. From an article on the disturbing statistics on murders of pregnant women, similar to articles posted during the Laci Peterson case, some very useful information bears further analysis and application. Most people are killed by people they know. ... Read More »

The Banality of BTK

Last year when Internet crime forums were buzzing about the emergence of letters, puzzles and cryptic communications from the Kansas serial killer, “BTK,” I was skeptical of the notion that, after over a decade, a classic serial killer would resurface. Usually, a serial killer’s patterns are disrupted because of his death, incarceration, or relocation. Typically, serial killers don’t cease their ... Read More »

Blood and Money

Perhaps on a handful of occasions, you come across a story that can paradoxically alter and reinforce your understanding of the human condition. A story so rich in complex and interesting characters, their lives narrated with such vivid detail and telling dialogue, they have to be real people and not the imagined composites of a novelist. A story set so ... Read More »

The Dark Sides of the White City

Erik Larson’s heroic and wonderful book, The Devil in the White City, is an historical study of the contradictions and contrasts of its two chief characters, Daniel Burnham, the lead architect and visionary of the 1893 Columbian Exposition, and Herman Mudgett (alias Dr. H. H. Holmes), the coolly maniacal serial killer. In a broader sense, however, the book portrays the ... Read More »

Murder in Utopia

In a peaceful little city on Lake Michigan, equidistant from larger, dangerous neighbors, Milwaukee and Chicago, the somnolent citizens of Zion were shocked to discover that two young girls had been brutally beaten, stabbed and left to die in the soft shadows of Shiloh Park. In Zion, where streets are named after prophets and annual celebrations like “Jubilee Days,” “Nostalgia ... Read More »

Stand By Your Bride

A song parody for John Mason, jilted by Jennifer Wilbanks in Duluth, Georgia, to the country favorite, “Stand By Your Man,” MIDI of the melody available HERE. Sometimes its hard to be a Mason, Having your life mapped out and planned, I’ve had girlfriends, And all my frat friends, Never had a bride to give my hand… Because I love ... Read More »