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Cheesism: How Sentimentality Helps and Hinders America

Truthiness and lies are often more provocative, informative, and important than the virtue they espouse. But sometimes, truth reigns supreme. Read More »

Interview: Editors’ Guitarist Chris Urbanowicz

I caught him in the midst of the band’s first North American tour for ten minutes of enlightenment. Read More »

We’ve Got A Crier: NYT Article on Military Negligence Is A Call to Arms

The depressing military blunders recounted in the Times article sound like the makings of a good anti-war movie. Except — this is real. Read More »

Self-Help for the Hindsighted

Bertrand Russell’s book, The Conquest of Happiness, is the only self-help book needed by anyone looking for a cure for most human neuroses. Read More »

In the Late-Night of Luxury: The Showbiz Show

David Spade's humor has been appropriated the only way a 40-something comedian's can be: he has a late-night talk show. Read More »