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Tips of My Fingers, Tips of My Toes

Dressed to the nines, smile and firm handshake in place, passing out those smart business cards, part of me feels I will be found out before the canapes are done circulating. Read More »

Hair and the Heart of the Matter

What makes a woman beautiful, what she desires, is inside her head. Sometimes, the outside is an invitation of a different kind. Read More »

Interview with Ratzo Harris: Bass Lines and the Bottom Line

Straight-ahead, Ratzo Harris' bass thrums, creating musical architecture. What he does with that instrument is an exaltation. Read More »

Theater Interview and Review (Chicago): Dennis Watkins, Author of The Magnificents

The Magnificents, Dennis Watkins and The House Theater -- real feeling, real participation, and a real good time. Read More »

Alexander Marshall: Renaissance Man, Sui Generis

Alexander Marshall is a multi-talented man blending creative success with charm, modesty, and a strong sense of family legacy. Read More »

Review: Poetic Medicine – The Healing Art of Poem-Making

John Fox reminds us that words hold healing, words open hearts and change lives. Read More »

Interview: Carlos Mock and Tales of Papi Chulo

Carlos Mock, renaissance man with a story that spans more than one identity. Papi Chulo reveals, celebrates and illuminates. Read More »

Book Review: Santeria Garments and Altars – Speaking Without a Voice (Folk Art & Artists Series)

Altars that speak, altars that heal. 'Santeria Altars' reveals the connection to the Source made physical. Read More »

A Slice of Spa Heaven in Chicago

Treat those tired tootsies well, darling, and indulge in the heaven that is Havana Nights Spa. Read More »

Book Review – English Is Broken Here: Notes on Cultural Fusion in the Americas by Coco Fusco

Coco Fusco rattles your cage while performing in one. Read More »