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charles dickens

Charles Dickens (1812-70) was the quintessential Victorian novelist. He gave the world a host of characters like Ebenezer Scrooge and Oliver Twist, who live on in popular culture. Born to lower middle-class parents, Dickens' childhood ended at age 12 when he was put to work in a blacking factory, following the arrest of his father for debt. This experience colored ... Read More »

celebrity gossip news

Celebrity gossip is nothing new. The early Victorian newspapers joked about Queen Victoria's marriage to Prince Albert, and Charles Dickens dished about his own marital problems in the 1850s in the magazine he edited. People loved reading about the soap operatic lives of the rich and famous, and they continue to do so. Fan magazines detailing the latest rumors and ... Read More »


Haiku is a Japanese form of poetry consisting of three lines of, respectively, five, seven and five syllables. Originally known as hokku, the three line poem began as the first stanza of a longer traditional poetry form called renga (linked stanzas). The traditional stand-alone haiku usually refers in some way to one of the seasons, and also contains a moment ... Read More »


Brooklyn is the largest of the five boroughs of New York City, and is situated across the East River from Manhattan. Settled by the Dutch in the 17th century, and named for the Dutch town Breuckelen ("Broken Woods"), Brooklyn was an independent city until amalgamation with New York in 1898. Brooklyn has always had a special character distinct from New ... Read More »


Originally a term denoting a wine of a particular year or special quality,"vintage" is commonly used to describe older fashions in clothes, jewelry and household goods such as kitchenware and furnishings. Art forms such as film may also be designated as vintage, evoking a sense of well-aged (yet timeless) quality. Vintage items tends to date from the 1920s-1980s. The term ... Read More »


A term derived from the Latin for "backwards," retro denotes a nostalgic recreation of past fashions, fads and styles; often it specifically refers to trends of the 1940s-1980s, i.e. the fairly recent past. Retro is an affectionate and positive term. Retro-inspired blogs often celebrate the world of nostalgia in a humorous way. Retro is in one sense an entertaining form ... Read More »

hello kitty

Hello Kitty is a Japanese cartoon cat who has become a worldwide symbol of cuteness. First appearing on a change purse in 1974, the little white anime kitten, developed by Sanrio, is now the star of a billion-dollar business. Kitty and her friends appears on clothing, toys, makeup, home appliances, video games, cards and dishes. In the 1980s and 1990s ... Read More »


Dessert is the final, sweet course served as the conclusion to a meal. It usually consists of a baked confection such as cake, pie, cookies, or pastry. It might also be a dairy-based dish such as ice cream, yogurt, pudding or custard. All of these dishes may be served with fruit; sometimes fruit and/or cheese or nuts are served as ... Read More »


History is the study of written accounts of the past, encompassing all aspects of society: its political development, wars, cultural developments and everyday life. It is chronological, in that it assesses past events as they occurred sequentially. History is preserved and studied as a means of understanding both the past and the present which the former's events have helped to ... Read More »

pop culture

Pop culture embodies the ideas, concerns and desires of people through the things that entertain them: for example, movies, advertisements, television, and fashion. Any form of expression that engages a large number of people becomes part of popular culture. It can also mean culture that is produced in large quantities for the so-called "masses." Popular culture as a whole stands ... Read More »