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Boycotting Israeli Academia

It's hard to decide whether the proposed boycott of Israeli academia would be a good thing. Read More »

Bush vs Putin – Cold War or Hot Air?

The real battle is for control of natural resources. Not exactly a new Cold War, but brutal nonetheless. Read More »

U-turn on Terrorist Legislation in Britain?

The next prime minister in Britain appears more committed to civil liberties than Tony Blair. Appearances can be deceiving. Read More »

Who’s Behind Abduction of BBC Journalist in Gaza?

Maybe Israeli intelligence is involved in the abduction of a respected BBC journalist in the Gaza Strip. Or? Read More »

Only Intifada Can Save Gaza

Palestinians must conduct a non-violent Intifada to save Gaza from complete destruction. Read More »

U.K.: Private Members’ Bill: Abuse of Power

U.K. parliament's attempt to hide from the law it imposes on everyone else is an abuse of power. Read More »

“Parliament of Minorities” Good for Scotland

The new government is taking shape. No party having a majority makes voting a fair process. Read More »

Parenting the Newborn: Expect Uncertainty, Await Joy

The first few days, weeks, and months can be difficult, but boy do the next few make up for it. Read More »

Re-Branded Brown Puts His Stamp on Britain’s Leadership

Blair's old ally, widely expected to be the next Prime Minister, reveals his vision for Britain. Read More »

Blair Announces Departure: A Legacy of Vanity

Will Blair's achievements in Sierra Leone, Kosovo and Northern Irleand be enough to save his legacy? Read More »