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U.S. Policy Consequences: Blowback or Controlled Explosion?

Have U.S. policies been aiming at conquering the world's oil for decades? Read More »

British Basra Withdrawal: You Never Know Unless You Go

Britain was never going to completely pacify Iraq's southern districts, but they've accomplished their goals of training Iraqi policy and military. Read More »

Abbas Opposes Land-Swap: Does He Want Peace?

Until the Palestinians agree to a deal, Israeli offers of peace are meaningless. Read More »

Palestinian Suffering: We Caused It. Let’s Fix It

The UN should intervene in Palestine. Now. Read More »

The World After Bush Part II: Somalia

Latest U.S. involvement put country back to the anarchy of the previous 15 years. Read More »

The World After Bush Part I: Iraq

Whether the Iraq withdrawal happens before Bush leaves office, there's no chance the conflict there will calm down anytime soon. Read More »

What the Gulf Arms Sale Really Means

There's more to it than countering the threat from Iran. Read More »

Slim Chance of Mid-East Peace

If Blair applies the principles of the Northern Ireland process... All Parties must be involved for a lasting peace. Read More »

Palestine Divided: Israel’s Dream

Israel encourages violence in Palestine, thus keeping Palestinians divided. Read More »

Peace Is The Only Option for Israel

Israeli air strikes in Gaza are brutal and pointless - threatening prospects for peace and ultimate Israeli security. Read More »