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With Green Day, It’s All Good

Portland’s Memorial Coliseum rocked recently to the punk pop sound of multi-award winning Green Day. Clearly influenced by the glory days of punk, the hard driving style and raw energy of bands like the Ramones and The Clash screamed through much of their set. This trio succeeds where those groups failed, however, by pressing punk music to the forefront of ... Read More »

Sorrow of Sorrows

A child died today. Or perhaps it was yesterday. The days blur into one tragic, slow motion, day-long weekend. Thousands of children die everyday, but I knew this boy. J.R., 13, finished 7th grade only a few weeks ago. Yesterday’s sun rose with the promise of a fun-filled day at the rugged Oregon coast with his family and closest friends. ... Read More »


PIECE OF CAKE by Leslie Friesen In the black and white world of childhood, life was easy to understand. I could always count on certain things. Fat earthworms came out after the spring rain, television had just three channels, Grandma’s currant jelly was the best and you didn’t mess with mom. Boys were boys and girls were girls and when ... Read More »