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A vivid description. Read More »

Tom Fox And Quaker Courage

There is courage in the spiritual battle that Tom Fox and other pacifists in Iraq have endured. Read More »

UN Still Doing Stuff

I'm as surprised as you. Here's a quick rundown, with helpful illustrations. Read More »

How Bush Spent His Thanksgiving Holiday

Bush rode a bicycle and ate Green Beans Supreme. Meanwhile, antiwar protesters drank from cups labeled "Iraqi Tea." Read More »

Drop Shot Tennis Report: What Makes a Match Good or Bad, and Shanghai Masters Cup

Watching tennis is a gamble: sometimes both players are brilliant, sometimes you're watching Safin whine; Shanghai Masters summary. Read More »

Exit Strategies: A Few Ideas

I heard that Bush was having trouble with exit strategies, so I thought I'd give him a few suggestions. Read More »

How to Bowl

I went bowling today. I am bad at it. There are thousands of wonderful tips on how to become good at bowling. Some of them work, but none of them for long. Read More »

Bush’s Favorite Words

A glossary of Bushite vocabulary. Read More »

Fans Mob Boy Band B5 at Mall Concert

B5 was mobbed by over 2,000 teenage girls at a free mall concert in Minnesota. Read More »

Bush’s Veterans Day Speech

Everyone knows these guys are bad, but Bush spends half the speech talking about just how bad they are. I am, and I think much of the nation is, tired of speaking about Iraq and other foreign and domestic efforts in terms of moral imperative. It would be very nice if all the bad people were killed or imprisoned indefinitely or somehow converted (don't ask me how), but is there any room in all this rhetoric for some reasoned consideration of what is in the Untied States best interest? Is there any room for consideration of something other than the destruction of all terrorism the world over as an acceptable outcome? Read More »