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Thoughts on Winesburg, Ohio: We Are Always The Heroes of Our Own Lives

Sherwood Anderson's classic novel examines absolute truth in a non-absolute world. Read More »

US Rejection of DP World Shows Irrational Fear

The rejection of DP worlds shows that the House would rather save its own skin than find real solutions. Read More »

The Column Joel Stein Should Have Written

Stein wrote a column that was idiotic and poorly thought-out. Here's what he should have said. Read More »

Is Nothing Sacred?

A discussion of when religion is helpful, and when it is not. Read More »

Drop Shot Tennis Off-Season Report

Tennis news from the off-season, and some notes on the upcoming Australian Open. Read More »


Though uncommon, boanthropy, or a belief that you are a cow, is a problem with which we all must cope. Read More »

New Year’s Resolution: To Move, Somewhere

I changed couches. It was a start. Suddenly, everything was new. The fan overhead sounded slightly different. I could no longer see through the window. Read More »

Bad Poetry: Everyone I Love Really Hates My Guts

A parody of teen love poems of a type that I'm sure everyone is familiar with. Read More »

Intelligent Design: The Difference Between Natural and Supernatural

All ID is is an effort to muddy the waters; to change science into politics. In politics, it is run of the mill to come to a conclusion and then find or manufacture facts to support it. No one bats an eye, and the other side comes back with different facts and different conclusions. The idea is that somewhere in the middle is the truth. Read More »

CD Review: Shades of Jade by Marc Johnson

Perhaps I'm spoiled by Jaco Pastorius, but I wish that Johnson would be less polite to his fellow musicians and spend some more time in the spotlight. 'Don't Ask Me' shows that he has exceptional skill, and the fact that he can play both jazz and classical so well shows that he has exceptional range. Read More »