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Bloomberg, and Bush’s Post-Modern Presidency

America isn't sick of partisanship. What it's really sick of is doublethink. Read More »

How 9/11 Changed Everything for Giuliani

Ever since 9/11, it's been quick cash for Giuliani. Read More »

Libby Didn’t Need a Gun to Commit a Crime

And laws aren't just for the poor. Read More »

Let’s Forget About the Hair

The GOP is attempting to distract the public with irrelevancies like hair and parking tickets while real issues are ignored. Read More »

The Republicans Deserved to Lose

The party in power had done more than enough to convince us to throw them out. Read More »

The Republicans Lost? It’s Quiz Day!

How conservative talk hosts are dealing with their disappointment. Read More »

This ‘War’ Might Never End

Because the 'Global War on Terror' is not a real war. It's a rhetorical device. Read More »

CD Review: Scott Walker – The Drift

Scott Walker's primeval, visceral 'music of the future.' Read More »

Satire: How to Become an Onion Ring Connoisseur

What you might not have known about onion rings that you should probably know about. Read More »

TV Review: American Idol Final Six

Reviews of each contestant, plus a quick summary of the judges' behaviors and a prediction of who will lose. Read More »