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Botero’s Abu Ghraib Paintings Should Hang in the Pentagon Art Collection

A call for the Botero Abu Ghraib paintings to be donated to the Pentagon Art Collection and a new idea for Botero. Read More »

Cuban-American Drama Cane to Debut on CBS: Andy Garcia, Where Are You?

CBS's new series, Cane, has almost everyone but Cuban-American actors playing Cuban-American roles... why? Read More »

Wal-Marting a Museum for Arkansas

Can the 20th richest person in the world bring a world-class museum to a little town in AK? Read More »

Glass Artist Dale Chihuly Causes a War of Words in Seattle

Glass god Dale Chichuly has defenders and detractors. Now he is the center of dispute amongst Seattle's talented art critics. Read More »

Supple Art Show at the Warehouse Gallery in D.C. Worth A Long Visit

An artist circumcises himself as part of an art performace, but the thunder is not stolen from this really good venture by rookie curator JT Kirkland. Read More »

Mega Museum Shows: A Primer of New Ideas

Museums often struggle to bring the public into their exhibitions; here are some ideas to guarantee some huge numbers! Read More »

Lessons Learned in Public Art

Shouldn't the public choose public art? Read More »

Movie Review: Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto – Going Rambo on the Mayans

Are the critics panning this movie because of Gibson, or because it is a bad movie? Read More »

The New Washington, DC City Hall Art Collection

The nation's capital gets its first art collection of District artists! Read More »

A Jackson Pollock Painting for $5? Art World Objects

A woman finds what appears to be a multi-million dollar painting in a thrift shop and causes the art world to snap into "no" mode. Read More »