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Sound the Alarm: The U.S. is Dangerously Fat

It's time to face it, America — we're obese and unhealthy, and we need to change our sedentary lifestyle and our poor eating habits for the sake of ourselves and especially our children. Read More »


Dexter Morgan is the complicated anti-hero of the hit television series Dexter, which began in 2006 and airs on the cable network Showtime. This character is the creation of Jeff Lindsay, author of the Dexter book series. Dexter is portrayed by actor Michael C. Hall, who also serves up a running bone-chilling narrative throughout each episode that is both logical ... Read More »

A Walk with Thoreau

That walk—I'm not certain whether Thoreau considered it truly being in the presence of God. What I do know is that it's as close to God as I have been in a while. Read More »


Chain-texting is the new nasty cigarette habit of Gen Y. "Qwerty" should be a dirty word. Text junkies need social rehab. Read More »


Closets—we've each got one. If you're intent on forcing open the door to another's, then be fair and be ready to allow others to rummage and sift through your own. Read More »