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Reloaded: Worst Sequel Since Rocky III

Not since Rocky fought Mr. T has a sequel so failed to live up to the quality of the original. The original Matrix was dedicated to keeping the action, surprises, and humor coming, no matter how contradictory, illogical, or downright stupid. Matrix Reloaded is dedicated to the opposite task: establishing that the Matrix “universe” is a complete and consistent foundation ... Read More »

Life & Death Through Soda Straws

So far, this war has been a lesson in the dramatic limits of the media (television particularly) to accurately convey the weight of matters of life and death. The demands of the 24-hour news cycle has, over the years, created an industry that has perfected the task of making minor events seem momentous, while totally losing the ability to convey ... Read More »

Jon Stewart out-analyzes Christiane Amanpour

The latest spin on the “Coalition of the Willing” (what is this, a cheap comic book? At least if they were consistent “The Axis of Evil” would be opposed by “The Alliance of Good”) is that this coalition “is larger than the Gulf War coalition.” On CNN, they’re all debating this as if doing serious analysis. Last night on The ... Read More »

Chabon’s Summerland: Retro-Chic Kid Lit

Michael Chabon’s new book “Summerland” is a delightful read for adults, but whether kids will like it is hard to say. Chabon, currently best known for the Pulitzer-winning “Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay,” but shortly to be “The guy who scripted Spiderman 2,” crafts a tale of subtlety and delayed triumph, which are hardly qualities I recall celebrating in ... Read More »