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Film Review: Layer Cake

In this age of reality television, it is a paradox that often the last thing a moviegoing audience wants is reality. Cinema Verite has gone the way of the daguerreotype and the nickelodeon. What today’s audience wants is fiction, and so even the documentaries are dramatized. Therefore, it is an interesting experience to find a glimpse of truth in this ... Read More »

The Da Vinci Code

Despite the intriguing historical implications and captivating theories about Da Vinci and his connection to the Holy Grail, The Da Vinci Code falls far short of expectations, relying on cheap Hollywood tricks rather then the inherent fascination of its subject matter to propel the contrived plot forward. Read More »

Film Review: Sahara

I have a confession to make. I actually really like bang-bang shoot ’em up movies. A lot. A vast majority of my film school cronies would gasp and clutch their elitists hearts to hear me say it, but I have nothing against mainstream Hollywood car chase and explosion films. They obviously fulfill a need somewhere, or they wouldn’t do as ... Read More »