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Author Archives: La Shawn Barber

Book Review: Finding Purpose in Narnia – A Journey with Prince Caspian by Gina Burkart

This book will help parents, church leaders, and educators explain why C. S. Lewis's books are edifying to Christians of any age. Read More »

Concert Review: Rissi Palmer, Stagecoach Festival, Indio CA, 5/2/08

Rissi Palmer's voice is priceless. After the show, this reviewer's tag-along sister understated the obvious. "She can really sing." Read More »

Book Review: Nerds: Who They Are and Why We Need More of Them by David Anderegg

Rigid and negative stereotyping has us overlooking the broad range of characteristics that make each of us wonderfully unique. Read More »

Music Review: Lenny Kravitz: It Is Time For A Love Revolution

The sexually abstinent Lenny Kravitz is more self-reflective than usual. Read More »

Music Review: Rissi Palmer – Rissi Palmer

Black country singer Rissi Palmer is the real thing, twang and all. Read More »

Interview with Day Zero Actor Jon Bernthal

"I'm kind of a slob. I just could not believe the way [Elijah Wood] took care of his costume." Read More »

Movie Review: Day Zero

NYC. Near future. Fourteen hundred people killed in LA terrorist attack. Draft reinstated. You receive notice. What do you do? Read More »

Book Review: Net, Blogs and Rock ‘n’ Roll by David Jennings

This book will help you understand the challenges of music discovery in the digital age and inspire you to become part of the solution. Read More »

Book Review: This Is Your Brain On Music by Daniel J. Levitin

Hits the right notes as he connects unfamiliar and occasionally arcane theories with familiar pop culture references. Read More »

Concert Review/Interview: Hanson At The 9:30 Club, Washington DC, 9/16/07

Ten years after hearing the ubiquitous "MMMBop" here, there, and everywhere, I never imagined I'd attend a Hanson concert. Read More »