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The Mutts- The Mutts EP, FatCat 2004

In total, The Mutts sound a heck of a lot like every other Motor City rock imitator- a little White Stripes without the hype, a little Libertines without the crazies. Their homage to the MC5 and the Stooges is evident with in seconds of “Blasted”, the self titled EP’s opener. With a heavy foot to the fuzz pedal, gain that ... Read More »

Best of 2004

In lieu of holiday cards that I am horrible at selecting, and which tend to linger on my desktop rather than make their way to a mailing, and seeing that music is the best expression of celebration, what better way to wrap up the year than a compilation. So that’s what I did for my friends an family this year. ... Read More »

Camera Obscura- Biggest Bluest Hi-Fi, Merge Records 2004

Let’s first acknowledge the two-ton pachyderm in the room. Camera Obscura is a seven piece from Glasgow. Yes, like the other seven piece from Glasgow with a touch more name recognition. Stuart Murdoch (familiar?) produced the stellar single “Eighties Fan”-including the sweeping string arrangements-and has been romantically linked to front woman Tracyanne Campbell. Did I mention that Richard Colburn once ... Read More »

Re-United and It Feels So Good

With the relative bummer news of Luna disbanding, comes some downright fantabulous news…. The Feelies reuniting sans Bill Million ( I was far too young to have ever seen them at one of their rare live performances the first time around)- Even if this doesn’t amount to touring, it is a tasty enough to imagine new output from such a ... Read More »

Maplewood- Maplewood, Teepee Records 2004

Maplewood– Maplewood, Teepee Records 2004 Canyon rock, though not dark and sandy a la Howe Gelb/Giant Sand, nor reverberating the Sonorant mariachi and trumpet call of Calexico. Maplewood’s desert is more aligned with casino lights and guilty pop pleasure. I can’t claim to be familiar with many of their press-release-touted influences, save for Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young and a ... Read More »

Camera Obscura- Underachievers Please Try Harder- Merge 2004

Camera Obscura– Underachievers Please Try Harder– Merge Records 2004 Let’s just get this little part over with, acknowledge the elephant in the room as it were. Blah, blah, blah, Belle & Sebastian. Blah, blah, blah, Stuart Murdoch. Blah, blah, blah, Scotland. Blah, blah, blah, Richard Colburn once on drums. Feel better? Did I meet your needs to address the obvious? ... Read More »

A Final Rendezvous: Luna “Rendezvous”- Jetset 2004

Luna- Rendezvous: Jetset 2004 This review has been sitting on my desktop since the day I received the promo in the mail, waiting for a date closer to the October 26th release to post. Things have changed, as many may have recently read, Rendezvous is to be the LAST Luna release (announced last Thursday). There has been speculation deep within ... Read More »

Mogwai- Happy Songs For Happy People- Matador 2003

Guardian “… the lovely melody that emerges halfway through Kids Will Be Skeletons is New Order via the Cure’s Disentegration, while Stop Coming To My House recalls My Bloody Valentine. Occasionally muffled vocals whisper through the noise; if they know the secrets of this majestic music, they’re not telling.” Music OMH “It’s immediately clear that the word “happy” in the ... Read More »

Grandaddy- Sumday V2 2003

Pitchfork “Pastoral, sanguine, and oddly buoyant, the album is far less sinister (and certainly less adventurous) than Grandaddy’s former studio experiments, but still comes complete with its own curious set of demands: the first six songs are strikingly (and, presumably, deliberately) similar in timing, tone and strum. Luckily, the band avoids the sameness that often comes with such a consecutive ... Read More »