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Airman Found Not Guilty

Airman Bryan Roney has been found not guilty on all charges. As you may remember, Roney, 20, was being court-martialed at the Air Force base in Qatar for a list of what in the civilian world would have been “minor” charges. In the military, however, these would have ended his career. The charge sheet cited larceny (stealing $28.00 in mini-bottles ... Read More »

Conversation With A Fallujah Marine

Even if you don’t know all the unit names that are deployed to Iraq; even if you don’t know much about the war itself, chances are you know about Fallujah. It’s where Sgt Rafael Peralta saved his fellow Marines after being mortally wounded by reaching for a grenade and tucking it under his torn and battered body. In a perfect ... Read More »

Interview With Rusten Currie

You probably don’t know who Rusten Currie is. But I’ll get to that. Know who Maxine Waters is? Well, Rusten Currie plans to defeat her in the next election. Rusten is an Army intelligence officer and military blogger, currently deployed to Iraq. He’s running for the 2006 House of Representatives spot in the 35th District of California, against longtime and ... Read More »