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TV Review: Dancing with the Stars – Melissa’s Last-Minute Injury Puts Her in Last Place

Eight different dances, including two judged team dances, gives everyone something to cheer about. Read More »

TV Review: Dancing With The Stars – Hodge-Podge of Dances Leaves This Viewer Dizzy

Chuck lands in the top three for the first time and Shawn scores her highest with a sassy cha-cha. Read More »

TV Review: Dancing With The Stars – Frenchman Flounders With Jive, Li’l Kim Takes Top Spot

The paradoxes continue... Read More »

TV Review: Dancing With The Stars – Gilles Pasos With Flying Colors, Lawrence and Steve-O Fail To Impress

The judges held up a total of six 10s last week, but tonight, only one dance earned that number... Read More »

TV Review: Dancing With the Stars – Ty Murray Hops Into A Tie With Shawn Johnson

I would really like for Steve-O to have one more chance to prove himself. Read More »

TV Review: Hot Girls Go Cold on Dancing with the Stars

The third night of competition ends in a three-way tie at the top and the Steves at the bottom. Read More »

TV Review: More Surprises From Dancing with the Stars’ Second Night of Performance

Ty thrilled, Chuck tanked, Li'l Kim became classy, and the ambulance carried away the third star this season. Read More »

TV Review: Dancing With The Stars – One Month’s Blood, Sweat, and Tears Revealed

...a computer geek turned billionaire escorted a befringed dominatrix across the hardwood. Read More »

Before the Disco Ball Lowers and the Sequins Start Shimmying: A Preview of Dancing With the Stars Season 8

A preview of this season's Dancing with the Stars, with commentary and predictions for each couple. Read More »


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