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Strategy is the process of planning and executing various maneuvers and/or actions in an attempt to reach a goal. Strategy is often associated with business, politics, and military planning, but individuals can also strategize towards achieving their career, health, or relationship goals. Strategy is essentially akin to planning but implies a maximization of resources with logical thinking, intelligence (acquired knowledge), ... Read More »

Body Language

Body language is defined as "the gestures, postures, and facial expressions by which a person manifests various physical, mental, or emotional states and communicates nonverbally with others." Many people feel we can gain a certain advantage by learning to interpret body language. The desire for this knowledge has led to some bestselling how-to books. A popular TV show has even ... Read More »


Sex is the reason you’re here! Talk about multiple layers of meaning, aye? Here are a few things I can tell you about sex – Sexual topics are controversial, Sex is usually private (arguable), Sex is the means by which we create, Sexual desire is a potent force, Sex sells, Some say sex dictates our thoughts, Sex is sacred, Sex ... Read More »

Natural Law

Natural law is a legal theory that posits that right and wrong is subject to universal principals. There are some theories that may oppose natural law such as relativism. Relativism believes morality is culture specific. The legal systems of many western countries have natural law at their foundations. The United States based its Declaration of Independence and the Bill of ... Read More »

Marketing Communications

Marketing communications are essentially the development and deliverance of marketing messages. Public relations/publicity and advertising are the prime disciplines behind marketing communications, the purpose of which is to inspire a positive consumer response, create market desire, and ultimately sell a product or service within an intended price range. Marketing communications involve a range of people in various disciplines including designers, ... Read More »


Moonshine is a distilled alcohol beverage that is made illegally. It’s called moonshine in reference to the fact that it’s often made in a secluded place, in the open, and under the cover of night. Moonshine is made in many countries but production in the U.S. is mostly limited to hobby production. There is still limited commercial production of moonshine ... Read More »


CSR stands for corporate social responsibility. Proper CSR is a conscious attempt by corporations to act ethically. CSR has also become a marketing advantage. Businesses can promote their ethical approach to employees, the environment, human rights, fair trade, honest marketing, ethical selling, community involvement, and policy transparency. CSR might also be abused by enacting ethical policies without actual intention for ... Read More »


Hoodoo is an American folk magic tradition. Hoodoo is not a religion but a tradition of magical folk customs. The most popular hoodoo charm is a mojo.  Hoodoo is usually associated with African American culture. It’s believed that slaves carried their superstitions to the Americas and combined them with Christianity, European superstitions, and Indian medicine and folklore. Whites practiced hoodoo, ... Read More »


An MBA or Masters of Business Administration is a terminal graduate degree for management disciplines. The MBA is becoming increasingly expected of senior level executives and managers at both middle and large sized companies. Many MBA programs have specialty concentrations in marketing, strategy, leadership, finance, human resources, supply chain, project management, international business, and/or entrepreneur studies. Highly ranked business schools ... Read More »


BBQ, also called Barbeque (sometimes spelled Barbeque), is any meat slow-cooked with natural hardwood smoke. BBQ is generally prepared at temperatures between 180 and 300 degree Fahrenheit with cook times from three hours to over twelve hours. The low heat and slow cook time turns otherwise marginal cuts of meat such as ribs and brisket into tasty and tender delicacies. ... Read More »