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Dangers are Inherent in the War with Qaddafi

Libya could become the next quagmire for American forces. Read More »

Abraham Lincoln: Biggest Fraud in American History

The 150th anniversary of Lincoln's first inaugural is a good time to re-evaluate the Great Emancipator's record. Read More »

What’s Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander

If Obama can nullify an act of Congress, why can't juries and states? Read More »

Drastic Cuts in Spending are Needed Now

To avoid food riots spreading to the U.S., Washington must fix its fiscal and monetary problems. Read More »

Hypocrisy of U.S. Foreign Policy Produces Terrorism

U.S. support of tyrants betrays our principles and contributes to terrorism. Read More »

Putting Things in Perspective

The shooting in Tucson should make all Americans rethink our tragic War on Terror policies. Read More »

Last Words Worth Acting Upon

Richard Holbrooke knew we should end the war in Afghanistan. Read More »

Logic, Not Emotions, Should Rule the Day

Unemployment benefits meant to help the unemployed actually do more harm than good. Read More »

Your Vote Didn’t Count Last Tuesday

Fed policy decision cancels out the voice of voters. Read More »

Grand Rapids Woman Harassed by Fair Housing Do-Gooder

if America is so free why can't you advertise for a "Christian" roommate? Read More »